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Sanguine Logistics Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Integrated Logistics Solution Provider & Indian Customs House Licensed Brokerage Company. With AEO Certification confirming our compliant & secure customs clearance processes, we strive to deliver logistics solutions with transparency, efficiency & innovation.

+91 90 439 9950

Understanding Deemed Exports

What are Deemed Exports?

In international trade, “export” usually means sending goods, materials or technology out of the country. But “deemed exports” are different. They refer to transactions where the goods stay in the country, but the payment for them is received in Indian Rupees or foreign currency. Deemed exports are important in India’s Foreign Trade Policy because they ensure that goods made in India help boost the national economy.

Categories of Deemed Exports

Deemed exports encompass a variety of supply scenarios, provided the goods are manufactured within India. Here are some key categories:

Benefits of Deemed Exports

Deemed exports come with several advantages, aimed at promoting domestic manufacturing and easing the supply process for critical projects and units:

Difference Between Export and Deemed Export

The fundamental difference between exports and deemed exports lies in the destination of the goods. While exports involve the movement of goods out of the country, deemed exports are transactions where the goods remain within the domestic territory. Despite this, deemed exports are treated with similar importance due to their contribution to domestic economic growth and compliance with international trade norms.

Eligibility Criteria for Deemed Exports

To qualify under the deemed exports scheme, the following criteria must be met:


Deemed exports serve as a crucial component of India’s trade policy, ensuring that domestically produced goods contribute significantly to the economy even when supplied within the country. By understanding the categories, benefits, and eligibility criteria, manufacturers and suppliers can leverage deemed exports to enhance their business operations and comply with regulatory requirements. This unique concept not only supports national economic growth but also streamlines the supply of essential goods to key sectors and projects within India.