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The main role of logistics is to move goods effectively and efficiently from one point to another in a cost effective manner. In this fast moving world, most business success depends on supplying the latest, be it the latest electronic device, the latest automobile or the latest medicine.

The world is diverse, the countries are diverse. Cost of production of different goods varies among countries due to factors like labour cost, availability of raw materials, the laws and regulations of the country etc. With the development of technology, the world is becoming a global market place. Companies are aiming to market products, solutions and services to customers locally, nationally, and internationally. Logistics companies play a major role in moving raw materials, assembled goods and finished products to their destinations.

We connect your business with the world.

Our Features Why Choose Us

The right partner

Opportunities are abundant, choices are infinite. Entrepreneurial decision making require skills, vision to see the future and courage to take risks. Every decision an entrepreneur takes effects their business, their shareholders interest and wellbeing of their employees. Choosing the right vendors, the right partners are crucial to move forward in business. We can resolve any concerns about the transport of your cargo efficiently and swiftly. We ensure you have peace of mind that your cargo will be delivered safely on time.

We believe in spreading knowledge

We believe in knowledge sharing. The Indian Government facilitates the importers and exporters through various measures. The Customs department, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issues circulars, trade notices, public notices at regular intervals. We, at Sanguine Logistics, peruse these directions from the government and post it in our official social media accounts. We also update on major national and international news related to imports and exports. We believe if an Exporter or Importer is aware of the nuances in customs clearance and freight forwarding, the better they are updated on the customs and industry updates, the safer and more confident they feel with their business dealings.

We provide real time customs clearance updates

Customs clearance is required when shipping something into or out of a nation and it is done once the products enter or are submitted to be exited out of the country. A Customs House Agent work involves preparation and submission of documents required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, payment of duty, assessment and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents. We understand our customer’s eagerness and anxiousness and provide real time customs clearance updates to ease their mind.

We understand you

Being started by 3rd generation entrepreneur, we understand the emotional connect an owner have with their business and we appreciate their business methods. We assist our clients in their freight forwarding and customs clearance activities. We are aware that we not only transport their goods, we also carry the emotions attached to the cargo. Sanguine Logistics has the experience and expertise to offer solutions tailored to your exact business needs.

OUR STRENGTHS What Makes Us Special

Every business is different, so are their requirements. It is of utmost importance to understand each business, their products and product specifications so that we can assist them with correct documentation and customs clearance process. We are committed to make the process of freight forwarding and customs clearance easy for our clients. Understanding the issues faced by exporters and importers gives us an opportunity to find out the best solution and support them.

OUR Areas of expertise

  • Exports under Section 69
  • High Sea Sale processing
  • Warehouse Bonding / In-Bond Sale
  • Packaging & Re-packaging
  • Turn Key Operation
  • Single Window Processing
  • Third Party Export Documentation
  • ERP System
  • SOP for every Client

Face Behind Sanguine Logistics Our Pillars

Asaithambi Arunachalam


Murali Asaithambi


Balaji Asaithambi


Venkatesh Adiseshan


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What is a Freight Forwarder and why do we need them?
/ June 24 , 2020

What is a Freight Forwarder and why do we need them?

International trade may seem intimidating as the process, paperwork, and regulations involved varies depending on products and following them precisely is a must. A thorough knowledge of the product, the customs act and regulations and exceptions,


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